Gift Local Merchant App UI

Screenshots from our merchant redemption app that can help inspire a redemption interface and/or gift presentation.

While it is not a requirement that integrators building redemption experiences follow our user interface - as we recommend building an interface that feels natural in its environment - the screenshots below can hopefully be informative for how we present the information returned from our APIs and how we laid out the redemption process.

Redemption via QR

Standard gift card redemption using the QR code displayed on the gift card for lookup.

QR Redemption 1QR Redemption 2QR Redemption 3
QR Redemption 4QR Redemption 5

Redemption via Code Entry

Example of manual entry of the gift card code rather than scanning.

Code Entry RedemptionSame as QR after the first step of number entry.

Item Gifts

An example of an item-based gift redemption.

This also shows the use of Training Gifts - which are a special class of gift used for staff training.

Item Gifts 1Item Gifts 2Item Gifts 3

Multi-Quantity Item Gifts

An example of a redemption of an item gift with quantity > 1.

Item Gifts with Multiple Items 1Item Gifts with Multiple Items 2