Welcome to the Gift Local Developer Center

Gift Local API Overview

Gift Local provides a set of services to support the creation and redemption of stored value vouchers - which can hold either monetary-based or item-based values.

Vouchers purchased by a consumer for another consumer or themselves (i.e. C2C or non-promotional vouchers) can generally be considered to be "Gift Cards" and function like one might expect a Gift Card to function - i.e. a deprecating value instrument that can be used for purchases until its value reaches zero. Redemption of a voucher by a business is treated as a revenue recognition event and the applied value should be deducted post-tax.

Vouchers sent to a consumer from a business (i.e. B2C or promotional vouchers) generally function more like a coupon, special offer, or comp. And while we broadly refer to all vouchers (C2C or B2C) as "gifts" - it is best to think of promotional or B2C vouchers in this way from a functional perspective. Promotional voucher offer business various controls and restriction capabilities on their usage, are generally where item-based gifting is used (i.e. a beer vs a specific dollar amount), and are applied to bills pre-tax (i.e. reducing a businesses sales tax liability).

Intended Audience

The intended audience of this developer center is 3rd party integrators looking to leverage Gift Local's delivery and redemption technology. The APIs documented in the developer center are a subset of our APIs intended for consumption by 3rd party systems acting on behalf of a merchant or consumer.

Integration Process

  1. Request access to our QA environment
    1. Indicate which merchant you will be working with
    2. Indicate which use cases you will be implementing
  2. The Gift Local team will provision and provide you with:
    1. A test merchant account
    2. API keys provisioned with appropriate access for your test merchant and required APIs
    3. Partner portal credentials for logging in to the merchant portal for your test account
    4. An online storefront for making test gift card purchases (as appropriate)
    5. This provisioning will be for the QA environment only. Production onboarding will occur after integration validation.
  3. Implement your integration.
  4. Request a validation session with our team to certify your integration.

Requests should be sent to [email protected].

See the Testing section for more details.